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SOUTH AFRICA - 18/04/2014
Jacob Zuma hanging on a thread
   At the outcome of the general election on 7 May, the African National Congress (ANC) MPs will still have the majority in parliament and will reinstall Jacob Zuma, 72, as the country’s president. However, he will have a hard time to reach the end of his mandate uneventfully. (...)  [756 words]  

MADAGASCAR - 18/04/2014
Tantely’s ambitious nephew
   After narrowly missing being elected to the permanent office of the National Assembly, the independent MP Harimampianina (Hary) Andrianarivo, the nephew of former Prime Minister Tantely Andrianarivo is in the process of transforming his Mampiray (“that which unites”) association into a political party. (...)  [283 words]  

DJIBOUTI - 18/04/2014
US army at home in Chabelley
   The United States is planning major installation work at Chabelley aerodrome, which has become a base for American drones over the last few months. (...)  [166 words]   FREE


TUNISIA - 17/04/2014
Orange’s ultimatum won’t resolve the issue
   Revealed by Maghreb Confidential in its last issue (MC 1106), Orange’s warning shot against its partner, Marouane Mabrouk, had the desired effect. By threatening to dissolve its subsidiary Orange Tunisie, the French telecommunications giant wormed its way back into talks on the future of Tunisia’s third telecoms operator. (...)  [525 words]  

MOROCCO - 17/04/2014
CFC finds backers in Monaco
   Morocco’s envoy to Paris, Chakib Benmoussa, and the boss of Casa Finance City (CFC), Said Ibrahimi, managed to find some solid backers to help ensure the success of a luncheon they threw in Monaco on April 9 for 70 local businessmen. (...)  [166 words]   FREE

Tripoli airport - 17/04/2014
How Zintans kept control of airport
   The Zintan militias had to resort to unusual methods to retain their grip on Tripoli airport (their stronghold since the revolution) after the fall of their ally, prime minister Ali Zeidan, on March 11. (...)  [140 words]  


MAURITANIA - 15/04/2014
Glencore first to benefit from sales tax cut
   Nouakchott will shortly adopt fresh legislation on reimbursing sales tax on imports of mining equipment after more than two years of deliberations on the matter (AMI 284), according to our sources. The first to profit is expected to be GlencoreXstrata. Talks on a new mining accord for GlencoreXstrata’s iron ore project at Askaf have been dragging on for over two years, about as long as those concerning a change in the convoluted system governing sales tax reimbursements. (...)  [263 words]  

New export routes for copper
   Currently dependent on South Africa to export their output, mining companies in the Congo-Zambian copperbelt are searching for new and cheaper routes that would heighten competition. (...)  [180 words]   FREE

MALI - 15/04/2014
Battle for Sadiola’s deep sulphide
   Mali’s mines ministry is losing patience over the question of mining Sadiola’s deep sulphide. The Sadiola gold mine, operated by AngloGold Ashanti Ltd with its 41% stake and co-owned with Iamgold (41%) and with Mali’s government (18%), is close to depletion and there’s been question since 2012 of extracting its deep sulphide resources as a way of extending its activity. (...)  [265 words]  


FRANCE - 09/04/2014
French lawyers carve new niches in Africa
   French lawyers are all over African legal affairs these days, whether representing a head of state, an opposition leader or one of the sides in a commercial arbitration case. The new generation of French lawyers is unafraid to tread on their elders' turf. (...)  [619 words]  

SENEGAL - 09/04/2014
Karim Wade, political hostage
   On April 17, Karim Wade will have spent a year in Dakar's Reubeuss prison in "preventive" detention while lawyers and Senegal's legal institutions haggle over his fate. (...)  [401 words]  

CONGO-B - 09/04/2014
Sassou keeps abreast of Africanews
   President Denis Sassou Nguesso received an update on the launch of Africanews in Brazzaville when he attended the EU-Africa summit in Brussels. His key people were present at the briefing. (...)  [192 words]  


MOZAMBIQUE - 08/04/2014
Scramble for gas before elections
   Mozambique president Armando Guebuza is expected to take some crucial decisions before he steps down in October. One of most important undoubtedly concerns the oil and gas sector with the allocation of new, highly promising blocks and the creation of joint ventures with private sector groups. (...)  [671 words]  

ANGOLA - 08/04/2014
New momentum in Kwanza sale
   The process of awarding blocks in the Kwanza area and Congo basin (AEI 716) seems to have shifted into higher gear following Sonangol’s road shows in January and February in Houston, Luanda and London to pitch the new blocks. (...)  [286 words]  

A menage a trois in LNG
   A project by Ivory Coast and Ghana to import Equatorial Guinea’s gas is still held back by a maritime boundary squabble between Abidjan and Accra. (...)  [200 words]   FREE


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