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N°720 - Paris, 08/04/2014
Benjamin Augé
MOZAMBIQUE Editor in Chief
Scramble for gas before elections
Mozambique president Armando Guebuza is expected to take some crucial decisions before he steps down in October. One of most important undoubtedly concerns the oil and gas sector with the allocation of new, highly promising blocks and the creation of joint ventures with private sector groups. (...)   [671 words]  
New momentum in Kwanza sale
   The process of awarding blocks in the Kwanza area and Congo basin (AEI 716) seems to have shifted into higher gear following Sonangol’s road shows in January and February in Houston, (...)
 [286 words]  
Exxon prepares the ground
   Now that it has completed a seismic survey on its offshore blocks, Exxon is deploying a public relations campaign.  (...)  [247 words]  
Qataris and Jordanians in tie-up
   The coastal basin of Lamu in Kenya has drawn a mixed bag of buyers. One is a bank in Qatar that holds a stake in a block. It operates in conjunction with Jordanians of Palestinian origin.  (...)  [322 words]  
Only three remain for OML 29
   The Glencore trading group has pulled out of the bidding for OML 29 that Shell put up for sale.  (...)  [251 words]  

Abuja    Total-Amni unitization deal
 [55 words]  
Etete gets a clean sheet
   On the point of recovering money frozen following the sale of his OPL 245, Dan Etete is seeking to restore his reputation.  (...)  [376 words]  
Local traders turn to E&P
   New companies that have won exploration blocks in Ghana’s offshore are teaming up with local traders.  (...)  [209 words]  

A menage a trois in LNG
   A project by Ivory Coast and Ghana to import Equatorial Guinea’s gas is still held back by a maritime boundary squabble between Abidjan and Accra.  (...)  [200 words]   FREE
Snail’s pace in methane deals
   Companies interested in getting into the extraction of methane from Lake Kivu are facing a long wait to win blocks, and legal hurdles are piling up.  (...)  [432 words]  
ENI bumps up price on block 4
   Italy’s ENI is currently pulling out all the stops in Mozambique’s offshore. The group is seeking to sell 15% of its stake on block 4 for the rather staggering sum of $5 billion.  (...)  [280 words]  

SNEL direly squeezed by TFM
   The powerful mining joint venture TFM is refusing to pay the current rate for electricity because of patchy supply.  (...)  [389 words]  
EU shuns hydro power projects
   The European authorities have turned away from financing dams, leaving the way open for Asian government donors.  (...)  [228 words]  
Privatization flies off the rails
   According to our sources, the privatization process that led Nigeria to sell several power plants in 2013 is coming unstuck.  (...)  [329 words]  

Guus Klusener
   Persona non grata in Gabon (AEI 719), the legal director of Addax Petroleum, Holland’s Guss Klusener (a former Shell Nigeria executive), has been rewarded for his troubles in Geneva.  (...)  [120 words]  
Barakissa Bamba
   A dispute between corporate bosses that pitted Daniel Gnangni, managing director of Societe Nationale des Operations Petrolieres de Cote d’Ivoire (PetroCI) against his deputy, Kassoum Konata, has ended with the appointment of Barakissa Bamba.  (...)  [164 words]  
Eve Howell
   Although it appeared on the point of being finalized, the acquisition of Australia’s Tangiers Petroleum firm, which operates the Tarfaya block in Morocco, by Jacka Resources (active in Tunisia, Niger and Somaliland) fell through at the end of March.  (...)  [117 words]  
Mateus Morais de Brito
   One of Sonangol’s most influential figures, Mateus Morais de Brito, died of a heart attack on April 2 at the age of 53.  (...)  [167 words]  

 [97 words]  
 [111 words]  
 [140 words]  

Ashurst helps with oil bill
   A lawyer from Britain’s Ashurst firm is currently advising Congo’s parliament in an attempt to break a logjam on a new oil legislation that persists despite a resumption of deliberations  (...)  [220 words]  
Lisbon wants in on boom
   Portuguese prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho is trying to strengthen his country’s hand in Mozambique at a time when foreign investors are pouring in to capitalize on the gas and  (...)  [166 words]  
Thefts take toll on Total
   Oil companies are beginning to churn out their annual reports for 2013.  (...)  [164 words]  
ALNAFT picks up speed
   Algeria’s Agence Nationale pour la Valorisation des Ressources en Hydrocarbures (ALNAFT) is picking up speed in handing out decrees applying Algeria’s new oil legislation adopted in  (...)  [150 words]  

Hunton & Williams
 [133 words]  
Patton Boggs
 [80 words]  
William Park
 [99 words]  

Fresh turn in IPTL saga
   Over 15 years after the starting gun sounded, the creditors and stakeholders of the private power concern Independent Power Tanzania (IPTL), which is now bankrupt, are continuing to  (...)  [201 words]  
IPG can count on $450 mn
   Ethiopia is currently cobbling together a $450 million loan to cover its needs in oil products for a year.  (...)  [180 words]  
Guarantee for power plants
   In the works since 2011, a project to have the World Bank guarantee purchases of electricity by the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading concern is taking shape.  (...)  [211 words]  
Hydro Ivoire woos bankers
   Having won a contract to build and operate the 44 MW hydropower station at Singrobo-Ahouaty on the Bandama river, the firm Ivoire Hydro Energy (IHE) is currently doing the rounds of  (...)  [115 words]  

Armando Guebuza
 [71 words]  
Ali Bongo
 [79 words]  
Martin Mbogo
 [77 words]  

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