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N°319 - Paris, 15/04/2014
Gaelle Arenson
MAURITANIA Editor in Chief
Glencore first to benefit from sales tax cut
Nouakchott will shortly adopt fresh legislation on reimbursing sales tax on imports of mining equipment after more than two years of deliberations on the matter (AMI 284), according to our sources. The first to profit is expected to be GlencoreXstrata. Talks on a new mining accord for GlencoreXstrata’s iron ore project at Askaf have been dragging on for over two years, about as long as those concerning a change in the convoluted system governing sales tax reimbursements. (...)   [263 words]  

4T Commodities, a personally tailored fund
   Two weeks following its launch, 4T Commodities & Emerging Markets, the new equity fund of France’s Jean Francois Fourt, has met with strong interests from investors, with some sources saying it has already attracted well over €500 million.  (...)  [247 words]  
Arikymo as Beny Steinmetz’s new neighbour?
   Arikymo, a firm set up in 2013 to break into Sierra Leone’s diamond market, sent a high-level delegation to London on April 8-9 to attend the West African Mining Investment Summit, which it helped to sponsor.  (...)  [242 words]  

Abidjan    Logjam on license renewals
 [89 words]  
Conakry    Conde calls for investment in infrastructure
 [128 words]  
Maputo    New coal terminal at Beira
 [109 words]  
New export routes for copper
   Currently dependent on South Africa to export their output, mining companies in the Congo-Zambian copperbelt are searching for new and cheaper routes that would heighten competition.  (...)  [180 words]   FREE
Battle for Sadiola’s deep sulphide
   Mali’s mines ministry is losing patience over the question of mining Sadiola’s deep sulphide. The Sadiola gold mine, operated by AngloGold Ashanti Ltd with its 41% stake and co-owned with Iamgold (41%) and with Mali’s government (18%), is close to depletion and there’s been question since 2012 of extracting its deep sulphide resources as a way of extending its activity.  (...)  [265 words]  
Bamako to soon sign up for World Bank audit
   The process of financing an audit of Mali’s mining sector is gaining momentum. According to our sources, the mines ministry is due to sign an agreement with the World Bank by the end of April for a $1.  (...)  [255 words]  
Outburst of anger among diamond traders
   Diamond transactions have been seriously disrupted in Mbuji-Mayi, capital of Eastern Kasai and the Mecca of Congo-K’s diamond trade. Since April 1 operators in the sector have been hit by a new tax in the form of a card costing $10 for diggers and $100 for traders.  (...)  [157 words]  
GIZ in push for German mining diplomacy
   The German overseas development agency GIZ (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zuzammenarbeit) is increasingly gaining in credibility with mines ministries in Africa.  (...)  [327 words]  

Freetown: Bill on mining revenue
 [149 words]  
Asanko Gold sets sights on 2016
 [129 words]  
Tiao seeks fatter receipts
 [74 words]  
ArcelorMittal targets 20 million tons

 [104 words]  
Uncertainty over future of marine phosphates mining

 [90 words]  
Jiang Lianxiang
Jiang Lianxiang, a former chairman of Poly Technologies Inc., a state-owned Chinese company involved in the production and import-export of mainly military equipment (aircraft, ships, armoured vehicles, etc) and who was one of the first Chinese businessmen to do serious business in Africa, has turned his hand to the diamond trade.  (...)  [152 words]  
Pascal Bernasconi
There will be a change at the top at Societe des Mines d’Ity (SMI), an affiliate of La Mancha owned by Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris, at the end of April.  (...)  [182 words]  
Andre Gagne
The Canadian mining company Ressources Komet Inc is keen on gaining a foothold in Burkina Faso’s gold sector. Its general manager, Andre Gagne, travelled twice to the country to test the waters, in March and earlier this month.  (...)  [148 words]  
Marboulaye Nombre
While waiting for Parliament to endorse new mining legislation - which the house is taking its time in doing - Burkina Faso’s government is putting two new entitles set up last year into action.  (...)  [177 words]  
Yaw Effah-Baafi, Ghana’s deputy land and natural resources minister, wants to build up the country’s resources of iron ore. (...)
Ari Epstein, CEO of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) is lobbying in favour of his members retaining special access to very high quality gems from Sierra Leone (which fetched $302. (...)
Early this month, William Boampong, a magistrate at Kumasi in north-west Ghana, handed down heavy jail terms of up to 45 years against illicit diggers arrested in late March at AngloGold Ashanti’s mine near the town of Obuasi. (...)

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