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Gaelle Arenson
CONGO-K Editor in Chief
Tiger Resources in Cobalt and Copper Venture
Unknown in Africa's mining sector, the Australian junior Tiger Resources, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, made its debut in Congo-K's copper belt in early May. It finalized an agreement with the Compagnie Financiere des Participations Internationales SA to buy a 39% option and then 60% in Societe Miniere de Kabolela et de Kipese (SMKK), which owns copper/cobalt and gold/palladium projects in the regions of the same name. (...)   [353 words]  
Managem Seems Set to Drop Semafo
Relations took a new turn in May between Managem, the mining affiliate of Morocco's ONA group, and Semafo, its Canadian gold producing partner in West Africa. (...)   [309 words]  
   Sengamines, which is 80% owned by Oryx and 20% by MIBA, has suspended diamond mining at Tshibwe in Congo-K for several weeks.  [46 words]  
   Majescor Resources Inc (Canada) has identified kimberlite traces on its concessions in Madagascar.  [35 words]  
   BRGM of France has won a $1 million contract from Algeria to assess the potential of the northern Atlas mountains, sedimentary basins and the Eglab and Hoggar highlands.  [32 words]  
   Goldbelt Resources LTD has recorded a 41% increase in gold resources at its Belahourou project in Burkina Faso.  [39 words]  
   Paramount Mining Corp LTD, an Australian junior headed by Maureen Muggeridge, has signed a black empowerment agreement with the South African firm JMPLC Investment Holdings.  [28 words]  
Penuell Maduna
   South Africa's former mines minister (1996) and justice minister (1999), Penuell Maduna, now finds himself at the head of an empowerment grouping named Gubevu Consortium that has just acquired a 26% holding in the platinum producer Barplats Investments Ltd.  (...)  [220 words]  
Jackson Murehwa
   The commercial director of Zimplats, Jack Murehwa, has been named the new president of Zimbabwe's Chamber of Mines in succession to Ian Saunders.  (...)  [66 words]  
Thomas Dawson
   An accountant who was a partner at Deloitte & Touche, Thomas Dawson, has joined the board of Anvil Mining Ltd.  (...)  [122 words]  
George Pirie
   A former CEO of Placer Dome Canada, George Pirie, has joined the board of Paladin Resources Ltd., an Australian junior which is poised to develop the Langer Heinrich uranium project in Namibia.  (...)  [58 words]  
Sam Jonah
   The president of AngloGold Ashanti Ltd, Sam Jonah, was named chairman of Copper Resources Corp., a firm listed on the AIM in London.  (...)  [104 words]  
Peter Hooper
   A Canadian company involved in prospecting for gold on the Ashanti II project in Ghana, PMI Ventures Ltd., appointed Peter Hooper as director in late May.  (...)  [67 words]  
Michael Morowa
   Robex Resources has beefed up its team in the field and also hired Michael Morowa as chief geologist for Mali.  (...)  [80 words]  

Processing & Disposal of Mineral Industry Wastes '05
   MEI Conferences is organizing this year's conference on processing and disposal of mineral industry wastes at Falmouth in the United Kingdom between June 13-15.  (...)  [176 words]  
Mineral Project Evaluation-Techniques and Applications Seminar
   The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AUSIMM) has joined with BRC International to organize a trade seminar on evaluation techniques and project applications in Perth between July 11-14.  (...)  [60 words]  

De Beers Tiptoes Through Back Door
   A joint venture agreement between Endiama and De Beers that was endorsed by the Angolan government on May 27 didn't rank as a victory for the South African diamond giant.  (...)  [316 words]  

Chinese Driving a Bargain
 [105 words]  
A 7% Rise for Miners?
 [185 words]  
Luanshya Copper: Follow Up
 [114 words]  
Centurion on Buying Spree
   South Africa's Centurion Gold Holdings is pushing ahead with its acquisitions strategy. On May 31 it bought out Kwela Mining Pty in a deal that enabled it to win control of three new platinum and chromite projects.  (...)  [170 words]  
Adiam, MIBA's Other Partner
   Congo-K's Miniere de Bakwanga (MIBA) recently contracted the Adiam company headed by Nirav Mehta to sell 12% of its output over a three year period.  (...)  [185 words]  
Australians in Uranium Drive
   Australian juniors are making ever-strong advances on the southern Africa's uranium scene. Not too long ago Deep Yellow and Goldstream Mining acquired exploration concessions in Tanzania (AMI 107) and now Bannerman Resources and Extract Resources have followed suit by positioning themselves in Namibia near Rio Tinto's Rossing mine and Paladin Resources' Langer Heinrich project.  (...)  [232 words]  

Northern Mining Seeks Cash
 [66 words]  
KCM Listed in Lusaka
 [62 words]  
Afgem Moves on Rex's Assets
 [115 words]  
Afplats to Float in U.S.
 [104 words]  
 [44 words]  
Anglo Dumps Zim Alloys
   Anglo American is continuing to disengage itself from Zimbabwe. In late May it sold its entire holding in the ferrochrome production firm Zimbabwe Alloys to local investors for $10 million.  (...)  [204 words]  
AMA Forced to Stop Operating
   Liberia's transitional government has ordered the firm American Mining Associates (AMA) run by the U.S. national Gene Byrge to put an immediate halt to its operations.  (...)  [173 words]  
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