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    N°1107 - Paris,  04/17/2014
 04/17/2014 - LIBYA - Sabri appointed head of military intelligence
Lazare Beullac
TUNISIA Editor in Chief
Orange’s ultimatum won’t resolve the issue
Revealed by Maghreb Confidential in its last issue (MC 1106), Orange’s warning shot against its partner, Marouane Mabrouk, had the desired effect. By threatening to dissolve its subsidiary Orange Tunisie, the French telecommunications giant wormed its way back into talks on the future of Tunisia’s third telecoms operator. (.)   [525 words]  
CFC finds backers in Monaco
Morocco’s envoy to Paris, Chakib Benmoussa, and the boss of Casa Finance City (CFC), Said Ibrahimi, managed to find some solid backers to help ensure the success of a luncheon they (...)

DTE eyes Morocco's Chinook fleet
   Specializing in the sale of spare parts for big U.S. arms manufacturers, the small Virginia-based concern Defense Technology Equipment Inc (DTE) hopes to land its first contracts in  (...)  [166 words]  
Abraaj wins EIB’s favour
The European Investment Bank is thinking of investing €20 million  (...)  [104 words]  
EBRD turns shy on Zenagui scheme
An adviser to king Mohamed VI and boss of the tourism investment  (...)  [133 words]  

Portuguese build HQ for naval forces
   The commander of Algeria’s Forces Navales, major general Malek Necib, is dusting off plans to move the service’s headquarters. Currently based in the Admiralty building in port of  (...)  [207 words]  
Fight for cement works in Gafsa
   Previously a partner of Ali Hlioui in a project to build a cement works in Gafsa (MC 1106), Spain’s Garca Capital has switched horses.  (...)  [209 words]  
UN backs Jomaa’s pet project
UNPD, the United Nations development program, has been on the  (...)  [105 words]  
AGIC takes over Sotacid
With Spain’s Garca Capital increasingly committed to its cement  (...)  [70 words]  
This is Essid calling
An industrialist specializing in construction materials (ceramic  (...)  [101 words]  
Ben Salem as business angel
Boss of the computer services and telecoms group Alpha Engineering,  (...)  [70 words]  

CTA to soon train Boukhmada?
   Decidedly very active in Libya (MC 1105), the British could shortly be training an elite special forces brigade named Saiqa.  (...)  [159 words]  
Zintan, new El Dorado for French
   A French trade delegation is to visit Zintan next week. Organized in something approaching maximum secrecy, the delegation’s visit will be led by the French envoy to Tripoli, Antoine  (...)  [178 words]  
Daredevils on UKTI trip
The British export promotion agency United Kingdom Trade & Investment  (...)  [96 words]  
Asquith to lead trade mission in June
The former British ambassador to Libya between 2011-2012, Dominic  (...)  [65 words]  

Jones calls for reconciliation
   The American ambassador to Libya, Deborah Jones, is campaigning to bring peace to the Tripoli region and she isn’t obeying all the traditional diplomatic niceties in the process.  (...)  [165 words]  
USAID to lend a hand to police
   Already anxious to help Rabat counter the problem of unemployed graduates (MC 1103), the American development agency USAID is now intent on assisting in the fight against urban insecurity.  (...)  [172 words]  
How Zintans kept control of airport
   The Zintan militias had to resort to unusual methods to retain their grip on Tripoli airport (their stronghold since the revolution) after the fall of their ally, prime minister Ali Zeidan, on March 11.  (...)  [140 words]  
Air force boss fired for backing Haftar
General Ahmed Habib Al Mesmari was dismissed as air force chief-of-staff at the end of March.  (...)  [78 words]  
Mediene meditates
For some days now the head of Algeria's security agency Departement du Renseignement et de la Securite  (...)  [157 words]  
Dorbez moves his men into place
Barely a month after being named security adviser to prime minister Mehdi Jomaa (MC 1102), Lassaad Dorbez  (...)  [118 words]  

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