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    N°1378 - Paris,  18/04/2014
 24/04/2014 - ETHIOPIA - Tension in the Afar Regional State
 11/04/2014 - MADAGASCAR - JOB, the sworn enemy of rosewood traffic
Francis Soler
SOUTH AFRICA Editor in Chief
Jacob Zuma hanging on a thread
At the outcome of the general election on 7 May, the African National Congress (ANC) MPs will still have the majority in parliament and will reinstall Jacob Zuma, 72, as the country’s president. However, he will have a hard time to reach the end of his mandate uneventfully. (...)   [756 words]  
US army at home in Chabelley
  The United States is planning major installation work at Chabelley aerodrome, which has become a base for American drones over the last few months. (...)
Tantely’s ambitious nephew
   After narrowly missing being elected to the permanent office of the National Assembly, the independent MP Harimampianina (Hary) Andrianarivo, the nephew of former Prime Minister Tantely Andrianarivo is in the process of transforming his Mampiray (“that which unites”) association into a political party.  (...)  [283 words]  

Maputo    Tourism minister Fernando Sumbana Junior together with several members of his family have formed a new company in Maputo called Casa Propria Lda. (...)  [69 words]  
Antananarivo    On 24 April, the association Carrefour des entrepreneurs de l’Océan Indien (CEOI) will hold a dinner instigated by its chairman Xavier Desplanques at the Café de la Gare restaurant in Antananarivo. (...)  [120 words]  
Port Louis    Patrice Binet Descamps,the former director of Constance Hôtels has resurfaced at the new Holiday Inn which has just opened near the airport. (...)  [67 words]  
Port Louis    After resigning from the board of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), Alain Gordon Gentil (AGG) will also relinquish his post of cultural advisor to Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam. (...)  [97 words]  
Sambi wins out in Mohéli
   The visit to Mohéli by ex-President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi was a success because the governor of the island, Mohamed Ali Saïd, tried to oppose it with a heavy hand.  (...)  [201 words]  
US army at home in Chabelley
   The United States is planning major installation work at Chabelley aerodrome, which has become a base for American drones over the last few months.  (...)  [166 words]   FREE
Laurent Fabius no-show disappoints
   The Comoros authorities had hoped in vain that Laurent Fabius would go to Moroni for the council of ministers of the Indian Island Commission on 10 and 11 April.  (...)  [243 words]  

Shadow of ICC hanging over Jakaya Kikwete
    The non governmental organisation Tanzania Citizens’ Information Bureau (TCIB) is currently building up a case against the Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, which it intends to file with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. (...)  [153 words]  
NIS keeps a watch on new Sheikh in Kenya
    The agents of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) have their eye on Sheikh Amir Mahboob since he took control of the Masjid Musa mosque in Mombasa. (...)  [166 words]  
Kenyatta apprehensive of Chinese PM’s forthcoming visit
    The forthcoming visit to Nairobi by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang next month has all the ingredients necessary to please Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President William Ruto. (...)  [178 words]  
Conflict between Kenyatta’s teams and his wife
    The offices of the Kenyan President and the First Lady are in open conflict over the way the president’s correspondence is handled. (...)  [89 words]  
New dissension episode within the TPLF
    The former CEO of Chemin de fer Djibouto-Ethiopien (CDE – Djibouti-Ethiopia railway), Tium Tekie Gebray, 63, whose whole career has been with this company, was arrested and charged with corruption on 11 April and held in Dire Dawa prison. (...)  [161 words]  
Military contracts frequently skewed
   An unpublished report by the parliamentary defence committee dated late 2012 concluded that many military contracts had been overcharged.  (...)  [309 words]  
Cuttaree backtracks on MMM/LP duo
   Jayen Cuttaree has always supported an alliance between his party the MMM and the Labour Party. But he now tacks a dim view of such a tie.  (...)  [159 words]  
Roger Kolo, a highly courted loner
   Barely back in his country, the new Prime Minister Roger Kolo has discovered a whole host of friends.  (...)  [189 words]  
Oil, a key factor in the war
   The civil war is raging in South Sudan, while the peace talks are at deadlock. At stake is the oil in Unity State.  (...)  [299 words]  
Italcementi Group’s masked move
   A number of Italian companies (Telecom Italia, Atlantia and Italcementi) are taking a close interest in Mozambique, where the Italian oil group ENI is planning to make some major  (...)  [213 words]  

Radio RLI
 [141 words]  
 [114 words]  
RB & Associés
 [154 words]  
Buffalo Mall Development
 [175 words]  
Eskom Uganda Ltd
 [236 words]  
Dingsheng International Investment
 [87 words]  
Helios Towers Africa
 [188 words]  
Bredenkamp’s stronghold Vilankulo
   The British magnate John Bredenkamp is beefing up his investments in Mozambique after falling out with Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe several years ago.  (...)  [291 words]  
Persuading Condor to step up flights
   Seychelles is trying to push the German airline Condor Airways to double the number of its flights to the archipelago. In return, the airline wants sweeteners.  (...)  [223 words]  
Mohéli has offshore companies too
   An international network registers offshore online banks and gambling sites on the island of Mohéli, similar to those doing so on Anjouan. All of which is illegal.  (...)  [159 words]  
Paris keen to win airport contracts
   Ubifrance, the French organisation to support exports, held an information meeting about Kenyan airport projects on 8 April attended by a score of French companies.  (...)  [316 words]  
All haywire at the energy ministry
   The extension of Sumayya Hassan-Athmani’s contract as managing director of the National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) was the latest point of tension.  (...)  [188 words]  
A highly coveted farm
   The Tanzanian government has gone into open conflict with the Efatha Ministry religious group, over the ownership of a farm in the western part of the country.  (...)  [169 words]  
Bad patch for insurance companies
   The insurance sector is going through a crisis that is pushing its more fragile members to look for new clients and shareholders.  (...)  [172 words]  

Tito Tong
   The young businessman Tito Tong, who hails from South Sudan and now lives in Kampala, is out of luck. The son of Lieutenant General Acuil Tito Madut, a former South Sudan chief of  (...)  [204 words]  
Rachelle Ducaud
   A candidate for the French consular election for the Madagascar constituency to be held on 25 May, Rachelle Ducaud née Rasamoely has taken the helm of the Défense des droits des Français  (...)  [165 words]  
Yves Rabary Ramarijaona
   Special advisor to President Hery Rajaonarimampianina (ION 1374), Jaobarison Randrianarivony, better known as Jaoba, has just appointed a manager to the head of his advertising agency  (...)  [117 words]  
Aden Duale
   Aden Duale almost lost his job as head of the majority in the Kenyan National Assembly. Only by making his humblest apologies did he manage to get President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice  (...)  [146 words]  
Martina Joaquim Chissano
   The daughter of ex-President Joaquim Chissano, who up to now was a partner in the architecture firm Archi e Focus Associados, has now created her own practice.  (...)  [137 words]  
Anne Waiguru
   The Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning Anne Waiguru, who has President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ear, has become one of the most influential members of the Kenyan government.  (...)  [118 words]  

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