Spotlight NIGERIA 25/07/2017

While president Buhari's away, the oil barons will play

Tensions are rising in the country's oil sector in the power vacuum left by president Muhammadu Buhari after he eclipsed to London for medical treatment several weeks ago. At the start of his mandate in 2015, the head of the [...]


Total hires one of Museveni's buddies to oversee pipeline project

According to our sources, Samantha Muhwezi, daughter of former Ugandan minister of information and health, Jim Muhwezi, has been hired [...]

Assala Energy struggles to close Shell purchase

Five months after being selected by Shell to pick up its assets in Gabon, Assala Energy and its shareholder Carlyle have their head on the chopping block in Libreville. [...]

PanOcean: an arbitration on credit

The government's camp in the PanOcean arbitration is being split two over fees. [...]

President prepared to lay oil code to rest

Omnis, the state body in charge of oil and mines, has been left hanging in a state of uncertainty over [...]

Carlton Energy refuses arbitration against CNPC time and again

The opinions of judges of the Texas Southern District Court do not seem be having a hold over American junior [...]

Puma Energy's oil terminal slips out of its reach

Puma Energy, the oil product distributed of which trading firm Trafigura holds 48.4%, seems to be losing its footing in [...]

FAR unwilling to let local court rule on Djiffere

Accused of breaking the deal it made with the owners of the Djiffere block, FAR will only accept the jurisdiction of British courts to rule the case. [...]

President Kabila places his men in revamped Cohydro Free

Despite a change in name, the state-run firm will still be firmly under the grip of the same Katangese networks that have controlled the country's oil sector until now. [...]

Taleveras preparing to negotiate conditions for its new block

According to our sources, Nigerian firm Taleveras' boss, Igho Sanomi, [...]

Vaalco unsuccessful in reassuring employees over Félicité Essono's role

Sent off in a rush by the group's management in [...]

Idriss Deby tries to tap into Abu Dhabi's Adnoc's funds

The Chadian president Idriss Deby used his trip to Abu [...]

African Petroleum puts everything on hold before Banjul verdict

Australian junior African Petroleum, owned by Romanian businessman Frank Timis, [...]

Ghanaian Brace Energy wants to be GOC's best buddy

Founded in 2016, the Ghanaian oil consultancy firm Brace Energy [...]


Settling of scores within Oando over ConocoPhilips deal

A posse of Oando's shareholders are making the company CEO Adewale Tinubu's life very difficult. [...]

Will ENH take out Saipem for good?

Mozambique's state-run oil company ENH is about to strike the final blow to Italian oil services company Saipem's faltering activities [...]

TPDC finally clears its accounts with Aminex

British junior active in Tanzania Aminex's accounts are finally looking healthy again. After paying off its corporate debts to the [...]

TPDC settles its debts despite internal uncertainty

Though led by an interim management team for nearly a [...]

Ex-Sacoil executive Bradley Cerff takes over oil service for Tosaco

A year after stepping down from his post as managing [...]


Militia back down from attack on Renaissance dam

Addis Abeba has managed to force a rebel movement to surrender its stake on the mega dam. [...]

Yoweri Museveni drives Albatros Energy back

Mauritian-headquartered firm Albatros Energy has been forced to say goodbye to its 230 MW heavy fuel power plant project in [...]

Energy minister bears brunt of Jirama's discontent

Energy minister Lantoniaina Rasoloelison appointed in April (AEI 792), has already come up against opposition to the hiring of national [...]

Indian firm brushes cobwebs off Katende and Kakobola dams

After many twists and turns, it will be Indian state-run [...]

Inga III: local communities lay down their conditions

There are currently several civil society organisations actively working against [...]

Corridors of power

Kaddour takes to Sonatrach's organisation chart with an axe

New CEO Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour has wiped the slate wiped [...]

Why the government is dragging its feet to approve deal between Tullow and Cnooc-Total

The sale of 21.57% of Tullow Oil's 33% stake to [...]

Business circles

Alison-Madueke's taste for luxury upsets Washington

Yachts, apartments, Louis XVI buffets, and the list goes on. The American government wants to seize all of the gifts given to the former Abuja oil minister by Nigerian oil firms. [...]

Cobalt tries to topple shareholders' offensive

Cobalt has pitched a last-ditch effort to block the class action taken against it over its handling of its activities in Angola. [...]

Bodo Creek residents pushing for second bout against Shell

A hearing is expected to be held before high court [...]

CPS Energy promises funds for OPL 236

British junior CPS Energy Resources has been looking for $60 [...]

DLA Piper and Geni & Kene team up to conquer oil players

With oil and gas exploration in Senegal's offshore going from [...]

Fidal enlists Hugues de la Forge to handle oil contracts

In early July, French lawyer specialized in oil and energy [...]

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