Spotlight CONGO-K 18/07/2017

War for lithium declared in Manono

The big names of the mining industry are rushing into to grab a share of southeast Congo-K's lithium, a metal in hot demand with the electric battery booming. We investigated as British financier Jason Brewer, Australian mining and oil magnate [...]


Dos Santos clan keeps tight reign over its diamonds

With president Jose Eduardo dos Santos about to step down from office, his clan is busy forming a strategy to [...]

Will this be game over for diamond trader Abdul Mohamed?

Malawian minister of natural resources, energy and mines, Bright Msaka, will soon find out if he is authorised to remove [...]

SMB throws everything into AMR's bauxite

In early July, merely weeks after signing a farm-out agreement with French junior Alliance miniere responsable (AMR) to operate its [...]

Pelangio ready to find the Holy Grail in Dormaa and Manfo

With a stronger team and a precise drilling programme in place, the Canadian junior wants to forge ahead on its Ghanaian gold exploration permits. [...]

Gordon Thompson's mission to get Tiger Resources back on track

Mining junior Tiger Resources's new country boss Gordon Thompson will have his work cut out for him to help the company rebalance its finances and smooth out its operations. [...]

Abas Kahongya all but calls it quits on fight against coltan fraud

Abas Kahongya, the director of the South Kivu anti-fraud unit [...]

John Kufuor's former advisor puts forward plan for stamping out illegal mining

Advisor to former Ghanaian president John Kufuor from 2001 to [...]

UNDP gives small-scale gemstone mining formal framework

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) expects to implement its [...]

Pan-African Diamonds' future laid out for next three years

Pan-African Diamonds (PAD), the company founded by French businessman Julien [...]

Nigerian oil consultant Canyon Offshore tries hand at mining

In June, Nigerian oil services firm Canyon Offshore, added mining [...]

China's Auxin plans explosives unit in Boke

For several weeks, representatives of Chinese explosives specialist Auxin have [...]

Corridors of power

Diplomats and miners lay into the government

Over the past few days, foreign diplomates in Tanzania have been busy setting up meetings to work out how they [...]

Caracas seeks help with mines from Kinshasa Free

The Venezuelan government sees developing the country's mining potential as a way out of its economic crisis, a downward momentum [...]

Peter Leon in Paris to quiet fears over new mining charter

On a trip to Paris on July 4, South African [...]

Foreign giants wage war over undersea phosphates

The high court of Windhoek is expected to announce its [...]

World Bank helps streamline permit grants

The International Finance Corporation (IFC, member of the World Bank [...]

August 25, first day of the rest of Mahmoud Thiam's life

Mahmoud Thiam, Guinea's former minister of mines found guilty of [...]

Will Glencore help out with Kolwezi's airport?

Haut-Lualaba governor Richard Muyej, who is counting on mining companies [...]

Power brokers


Paul Singer, debt hunter turned diamond's man

Mostly known in Africa for the epic battle he wages against countries whose debt he has bought, billionaire Paul Singer [...]

Ousseni Derra's unbounded ambitions for Bombore gold

Burkinabe Ousseni Derra, who recently took office as managing director of Orezone Gold Corp in Burkina Faso, has set himself [...]

Mori Diane also has the hots for gold

Mori Diane, Guinean businessman based in the United States, is quietly moving into gold. In late May, his firm Consolidated [...]

Terry Stanley lays into Volcanic Gold

Australian Terry Stanley, managing director of OreSearch Drilling, has declared war on its contractor Volcanic Gold Mines, a Canadian junior [...]

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