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Spotlight ANGOLA 28/06/2017

Lourenço, future president of a cash-strapped country

After years of enjoying the fruits of a high oil price, Angola, the continent's second-ranking producer, now looks like a graveyard to would-be investors. The designated successor of president Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, who decided not to stand for re-election [...] [...]

Corridors of power

French military upset over Ouattara's contracts to private sector

Alassane Ouattara has been prompted by instability in his armed forces to hand work to private French concerns to train troops. But France's military establishment isn't altogether happy about that. [...] [...]

Sassou plays it cool with his opponents

The president plans to use the forthcoming legislative ballot as a way to win over his few remaining adversaries. [...] [...]

Ben Moubamba plays the part of Bongo's enforcer

A former opponent who switched sides, the deputy prime minister has turned out to be Ali Bongo's most effective enforcer against his adversaries. [...] [...]


Deby's hand in Sant'Egidio pact

An agreement in Rome between armed groups and the authorities in Bangui was largely inspired by Chad's president. [...] [...]

Exclusive : How Wade is planning comeback Free

Top of the list of the opposition Wattu Senegaal's candidate for legislative elections on July 30, former president Abdoulaye Wade [...] [...]

Chataigner vs Clavier to replace Georges Serre

The bookmakers at France foreign ministry are giving Jean-Marc Chataigner [...] [...]

Clarification concerning Stephane Brabant

Following publication of the article "Herbert Smith launches its Africa [...] [...]


Goulard differed with Macron on Barkhane

In a briefing with several journalists on June 15, Martin [...] [...]

Business circles

Africard, the company that gives Issoufou nightmares

The firm that makes passports is chasing Niger for payment of a $25 million debt. And multiplying its impoundments of government assets. An exclusive report. [...] [...]

Alink Telecom down the drain

The company specializing in internet services couldn't stand up to the onslaught of competitors. [...] [...]

Court battle goes against Barthi Airtel

The telecommunications company was ordered to pay major compensation in its dispute with Daniel Mbere. [...] [...]

Air Cote d'Ivoire connected up by Switzerland's SitaOnair

Starting from July the Swiss firm SitaOnair is to fit [...] [...]


OCP scratches its own back in Arcadia report

In a report named Cyclope on world commodity markets, the [...] [...]

CI Gold looking for the glitter

CI Gold Invest is in talks with Ivory Coast's mines [...] [...]

Sinohydro likely to resume work on Kandadji dam

China's Sinohydro is expected to be tapped to resume work [...] [...]

Government takes a very close look at DTP Succursale CI

President Alassane Ouattara has ordered infrastructure minister Amedee Koffi Kouakou [...] [...]

Vipnet and a family connection

A company specializing in information technology services, Vipnet, has landed [...] [...]


CIAN in the digital era

The Conseil Francais des Investisseurs en Afrique (CIAN) is poised [...] [...]


Charpentier signs up as adviser to Bongo

Co-chief of the architecture firm Concept Design Architecture Ingenierie (CDA) [...] [...]

Central Banque puts the squeeze on Koizan

Guy Koizan, managing direcrtor of Versus Bank, has been sharply [...] [...]

Power brokers

Ngatse Mbouala in tug of war with Okemba

Recognizable from his long white beard that seems to cover half of his face, the commander of Congo-B's Garde Republicaine [...] [...]

Abdoulaye Wade's tight schedule for legislative race

Former president Abdoulaye Wade has set aside July 8 for the first of eight meetings for the legislative election campaign. [...] [...]

Makonnen Asmaron uses photographs to cultivates ties with Conde

Italian-Eritrean businessman Makonnen Asmaron offered an impressive album of photographs to Alpha Conde on June 22. The gift, a collection [...] [...]

Christine Kouame-Dadie hits the jackpot

Founder of the restaurant and catering service Banian Restaurant, Christine Ama Kouame-Dadie has landed the handsome restaurant contract for athletes [...] [...]

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