Oil, electricity and gas: a behind the scenes view of the African energy sector
The sections:
Government strategies
The battles for influence, the policies pursued by the major national companies and the diplomatic manoeuvring of the major powers.
Oil & gas
The major concession awards, the latest permits, refinery and LNG plant construction, asset sales, the negotiations over tender calls, the activities of the investment banks and more.
New power station construction, the involvement of foreign groups, electricity policy and investment in progress.
Financial operations
Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers in the energy sector. The consultants and other companies involved in the preparation of agreements and the organization of financing.
Who's Who
The lives and careers of the major protagonists in the African energy sector.
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The Editor in Chief
Benjamin Auge
Benjamin Augé
joined Indigo Publications in August, 2008. Holding a PhD in geography from the Institut Francais de Geopolitique…
joined Indigo Publications in August, 2008. Holding a PhD in geography from the Institut Francais de Geopolitique (part of Paris 8 University), he has also been a research fellow in the sub-Saharan program of the Institut Francais des Relations Internationles (IFRI) since June, 2010. He is a guest speaker at France's Ecole de Guerre, HEC, Sciences-Po Paris, Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) and several engineering colleges. Auge's research focuses on governance in the oil, gas and electricity sectors in African nations. He has looked especially at the struggle between local, national and international interests to control oil zones as well as border disputes relating to oil and gas fields. In addition to Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Gabon and Congo-B, he has concentrated on recent and future oil and gas producers like Sudan, Chad, Mauritania, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania. His doctoral thesis examined oil production in conflict zones, and specifically in the Great Lakes and East African regions.
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