The strategies of the key protagonists in the African mining sector
The sections:
Exploration & production
All about the projects, concession awards and industrial alliances, as well as about the newcomers to the sector from emerging countries.
Who's Who
The lives and careers of the main protagonists in the African mining sector.
Government Strategies
State policy, mining administrations and the public sector companies.
Stock exchange listings, market developments, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions and the activities of the “junior” mining companies.
Railways, roads & ports
The logistical challenges facing mining operators and their dealings with governments.
West African gold rush
The activities of gold miners in West Africa, the last exploration frontier of the continent.
Copper but also cobalt, the two economic lifelines of the largest producers on the continent, Zambia and Congo-Kinshasa.
Exclusive news about major events in the mining sector.
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Louise Margolin
Louise Margolin
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