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With five confidential news publications, the Africa Intelligence portal has been reporting the activities of the men and women who shape Africa's political and economic landscape for over 20 years. This subscription includes:

  • Three political and business publications which cover the workings of the power structure in each country, follow the rivalries between the different business entities and lay bare the regional and international issues behind the recurrent crises.
  • Two specialist publications covering the major African energy and mining issues: Africa Energy Intelligence and Africa Mining Intelligence report on the increasingly sophisticated strategies pursued by African states in these sectors, uncover the financial operations underpinning the major projects and provide advance notice of prospecting and production permit awards.

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West Africa Newsletter

Political and business networks and powerhouses in West and Central Africa

  • Essential coverage of the personalities, business and the networks which link them in West and Central Africa
  • Recognized for its rigour and feared for its revelations, whether in the world of politics or business
  • Unrivalled in its coverage of the battles between local clans and political, religious and masonic rivalry
  • Indispensable to gaining an understanding of the inner working of the Franco-African “village”
  • Uncompromising coverage of the activities of those in power and those in opposition who want to get into power
  • Unmissable sections like Palace whispers which offer the offbeat stories

The Indian Ocean Newsletter

Powerbrokers and business circles in the Indian Ocean and South East Africa countries

  • Essential coverage of the personalities, business and the networks which link them in African countries bordering on the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea
  • Indispensable for an understanding of the issues in the Horn of Africa, with its fragile regional leader, Ethiopia, fragmented Somalia, civil war-ravaged South Sudan and Djibouti, which is used as a military base by all the great powers
  • Uncompromising in its coverage of the turbulent political scenes in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Perspicacious in its revelations of the family links between unknown business people in Mozambique and the ministers and general s who hide behind them
  • Recognised for its intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the power structures in Madagascar, the Comoros, the Seychelles and Mauritius
  • Unrivalled in its coverage of the geopolitical manoeuvrings of China, the Gulf countries and Western powers in the region

Maghreb Confidential

Politics, diplomacy, business: the battle for power and influence in North Africa

  • Essential coverage of the personalities, business and the networks which link them in North Africa
  • Indispensable for an understanding of the extraordinary development of the business and financial empire of the king of Morocco and his expansion strategy in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Unrivalled in its ability to explain the family links and political connections at work within the major companies which dominate the Algerian economy
  • Uncompromising in its coverage of the upheavals of Tunisian politics since the Arab Spring and the fall of the Ben Ali regime
  • Unique in its ability to uncover the financial entities hidden in tax havens which hold the billions for dollars which are being fought over by the heirs of the Gaddafi era in Libya
  • Methodical in its monitoring of the tender calls and company registrations which enable it to keep a close eye on business developments in the region

Africa Energy Intelligence

Oil, electricity and gas: a behind-the-scenes view of the African energy sector

  • Essential for its coverage of the leading public and private players in the African oil, gas and electricity sectors
  • Indispensable for its ability to get to the heart of political power in the leading African oil-producing countries and thus provide advance notice of legislative changes and explain their negotiating strategies
  • Unrivalled in its presentations of those in charge of African markets whether in the leading global oil groups, the Brazilian and Chinese companies challenging them or Australian or Irish « juniors »
  • Necessary for anyone who needs to monitor the huge electrifications contracts which are going to be launched in Africa over the next few years
  • Unique in its field for identifying and explaining the roles of the many consultants who intervene in contract negotiations, whether they be lawyers, private investigators, intermediaries or security advisor
  • Vital for an understanding of the complex oil trading business, in which the leading players are often last chance bankers for states which are desperate for foreign currency

Africa Mining Intelligence

Political and economic strategies of mining stakeholders in Africa

  • Essential for its coverage of the activities of the leading public and private players in the African mining industry
  • Indispensable for those needing to follow the negotiation of permits before they are officially awarded and to understand the political and financial bargaining involved in the often stormy process of renewing existing concessions
  • Primordial for anyone needing to understand the political and economic developments thrown up by the major rail, road and port infrastructure projects required to transport ore
  • Unrivalled in its analysis of the regional strategies of West Africa’s major gold producers, including, notably, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali and Ghana
  • Uncompromising in its coverage of the battles fought between the companies, whether they be in Brussels, London or Perth, for the copper and cobalt resources of the Copperbelt in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Vital for learning about the political and economic consequences of events in the inevitable small-scale mining sector which is developing throughout Africa

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