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Opening an account gives you access to the free services on all Indigo Publications websites (Africa Intelligence, Intelligence Online, La Lettre A and PresseNews) :

  • Free articles
  • Free PDF editions
  • Notifications and summaries

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A valid email address and password are necessary to open an account. Additional information such as your name and address will also be requested if you open an e-wallet or take out a subscription.
We promise to protect the personal information that you communicate to us when you navigate on our site and not to distribute it to partners or external service providers.

> Consult our confidence charter

You need only to indicate your email and password in the identification area at the top right hand of the page or in the identification box. Once the connection has been set up, your name or email address appears in the “My account” bar at the top of the page.
This option enables you to be recognised immediately when you navigate on our site without having to identify yourself. You can activate automatic identification by using the identification section in “My account”.
For security reasons, we advise you not to activate this option on a public or shared computer.

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If you have simply misplaced your password, you can ask directly on our site for it to be resent to you by email. To recover the email address that you use to identify yourself, we invite you to contact customer service.

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You can modify your connection data (email address and password) in your “My account” space.

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To consult paying articles, you need to have a subscription or credit in an e-wallet.

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We advise you to remove cookies and then to refresh the page (button F5 or Command + R/Control+R). If the problem persists, please contact our technical service.

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Email notifications

You will receive email notifications every time an article on your topic of interest is published on our websites. This service is completely free of charge.

> Create a notification

You can set up a notification in three different ways by using:

  • A key word in an article. Select the key words in the article and click on “Set up your notification”.
  • Search result. After you’ve carried out your search, click on « Set up a notification for this search".
  • Personal choice. Decide your own title, key words, country and publication for your notification.
Do not hesitate to set up several notifications according to your interests. The better defined the search criteria, the more precise the results obtained
You can modify or cancel your notifications from your account.

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The subscription

You can subscribe online or by filling in a subscription form and sending it to us.

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You can renew all your subscriptions on line as they come up to expiration. This option is available for just one month after the subscription expiry date.
After this, we invite you to contact customer service to reactivate your subscription.

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To make changes to your subscription plan, please contact customer service.

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You can see and/or print your invoices in your “My account” space.

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You can only access articles to which you have subscribed. A subscription to the French edition does not give you access to the English edition and vice-versa. To consult an article from another publication, you must subscribe to the publication or credit your e-wallet. As a subscriber, you get a reduction of 15% on articles not included in your subscription.

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It is possible your subscription has ended or has been suspended. You can check on your subscription at any time in your account.

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Each subscription is personal. It is destined for the exclusive use of the subscriber in whose name it has been taken out and to whom it is addressed. Only one copy can be made for private use. Subscribers can print or download articles (PDF editions, Insiders and special reports) for their personal use but cannot under any circumstances distribute them to third parties even within their own companies whether by email, paper copy or intranet.

> Terms and Conditions

Your subscription may have expired or been suspended. You can check the status of your subscription at any time by going into your “My account” space. If your subscription is still activated, we suggest that you consult your « junk mail » folder since certain mailbox providers filter out emails with attachments. If you are having reception problems, do not hesitate to download your publication online.

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To open PDF files, you need to have a version of Adobe Reader more recent than 8. Messages reading “An error has occurred while opening this file” or “Your file is damaged” mean that you must update your version of Adobe Reader.

> http://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/


An e-wallet allows paying content to be consulted or downloaded on all Indigo Publications websites. All you need to do is to credit your account with a minimum amount of 30 EUR (30 USD / 30 GBP). Your credit is immediately available on Africa Intelligence, Intelligence Online, La Lettre A et PresseNews.
The price of each article is displayed under each article and the balance of your e-wallet is updated after each purchase.

  • Spotlight: 8.2 EUR
  • Article: 5.2 EUR
  • Brief: 1.6 EUR
  • PDF edition: 27-40 EUR
  • Insiders: 40-195 EUR
  • Special report: 12-55 EUR

> Credit my e-wallet

The name of the account holder and his/her address are required for billing purposes. An intra-Community VAT number is also required where applicable.
There is no expiry date for your e-wallet or the balance it contains.
Once purchased, articles and documents remain available indefinitely. You can consult or download them at any time.

> Articles

All purchases made with an e-wallet are strictly personal. Only one private copy is authorised. That means that you can print or download articles and documents solely for your personal use. You may in no circumstances distribute them to third parties whether by email, paper copy or intranet.

> Terms & conditions


We accept payment in euros (EUR), American dollars (USD) and pounds sterling (GBP) by the following methods:

  • Credit card: Visa | American Express (only in EUR or USD) | Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • transfer (the client must meet any charges imposed by his/her bank)
  • Check made out to Indigo Publications

> Contact customer service

We use the secure CM-CIC P@iement payment system. It checks the card number with the banking system and advises our site whether or not the card is valid.
At no point do we have access to your bank card details.
These are the most frequent causes of refusal:

  • Your card’s weekly or monthly maximum has been exceeded
  • The amount of your purchase is higher than the amount authorised by your bank for online purchases.
  • Your bank card does not allow you to make purchases on a foreign website.
We suggest you contact your bank to identify and solve the problem.
To avoid fraud, some banks set up an additional security code to validate online purchases so as to confirm that the user of the card is the holder. For more information on this, we suggest you contact your bank.

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