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Politics & Power-Brokers
SUDAN 07/04/2017

Trump steps up cooperation with Bechir

American and Sudanese intelligence agencies are working together in unprecedented fashion.

Politics & Power-Brokers
ETHIOPIA 07/04/2017

Hailemariam makes changes in army brass

Prime minister has finally managed to relieve the long-standing boss of the ENDF of his command.

Business Circles
MOZAMBIQUE 07/04/2017

Jiva Remtula puts a lock on Nacala port before turning to mines

Remtula is intent on venturing into mining with a partner who’s highly connected with Mozambique’s elite.

Politics & Power-Brokers
SOMALILAND 07/04/2017

British appear set to slap sanctions on Hargeisa

Britain’s deputy ambassador to Mogadishu travelled to Hargeisa on March 27 at the invitation of the Wadani opposition party.

Business Circles
TANZANIA 07/04/2017

Magufuli fires a broadside at CRDB Bank

The object of the president’s ire, the managing director of the bank has stepped aside while waiting for the storm to pass.

Politics & Power-Brokers
TANZANIA 07/04/2017

A questionable airfield in the president's home town

The project hasn’t led to any contract being put out to tender.

Business Circles
SOUTH SUDAN 07/04/2017

Will SFO also investigate De la Rue international?

The British company was cited in a report by the Serious Fraud Office to its director, David Green.

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