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Politics & Power-Brokers
ETHIOPIA / KENYA 13/01/2017

Addis-Nairobi relations sour over irrigation project

The Omo River irrigation project could spark a diplomatic crisis between Nairobi and Addis Ababa.

Politics & Power-Brokers

Will the United Arab Emirates control the Red Sea’s African coastline?

The UAE are developing more and more military installations on the Red Sea.

Politics & Power-Brokers
SUDAN 13/01/2017

Flogging off the family jewels amid a spate of scandals

Omar al-Bashir’s regime is showing all the signs of a system on the verge of implosion.

Business Circles
MOZAMBIQUE 13/01/2017

Intelligence agents team up with S. Koreans despite Ematum scandal

GIPS has created a new security firm with South Korean partners.

Business Circles
UGANDA 13/01/2017

Cracks appear in Bitature’s empire

Heavily indebted and dropped by the government, Patrick Bitature is selling Electro-Maxx.

Business Circles
KENYA 13/01/2017

Delamere family fearful as elections loom

The Delamere family has for several weeks been living in fear that local residents would storm its agricultural estate.

Politics & Power-Brokers
SOMALIA 13/01/2017

Al-Shabaab evicts Islamic State

The fight between Al-Qaeda’s Egyptian leader and Islamic State group caliph ended in a victory for the former in Somalia.

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