Spotlight KENYA 08/09/2017

Election: Kenyatta and Odinga prepare for the fray!

While the Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga camps continue to shower each other with invective after the Supreme Court annulled the result of the presidential election of 8 August, Kenya is holding its breath until the election is rerun on [...]

Corridors of power

Kampala prepares for war while IGAD ‘designs' the peace

Museveni appears to be planning an armed incursion into South Sudan as peace negotiations ostensibly continue. [...]

The president seeks to clear the path for 2018

Mindful of the forthcoming election, the president is keeping his allies close and tightening his grip on the state apparatus [...]

Farmajo's cry for help

On 11 August, the minister of foreign affairs, Yusuf Garaad Omar, addressed a letter to the American ambassador Stephen Schwartz [...]

A historic gesture by Museveni towards Machar?

According to our information, Yoweri Museveni may be willing to invite to the negotiating table the former South Sudanese vice [...]

Green light for the lifting of American sanctions?

A wave of optimism is running through the corridors of power in Khartoum. In August, there was a veritable parade [...]

How Addis adds fuel to the fire between Farmajo and Ogaden

The Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo (Darod/Marehan) is facing accusations of treason and a revolt by the Ogaden, a [...]

The PM and minister of the interior organise a rearguard action

Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed and the minister of the interior Hassan Omar Mohamed Bourhan are both in the bad [...]

A convoluted succession

In late August, Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud, known as Silanyo, underwent colon surgery in Abu Dhabi, prompting a serious succession crisis. [...]

Rwanda takes an interest in the abductions of its nationals Free

On 18 August, the Rwandan embassy discreetly sought clarifications from the Ugandan police regarding the abduction on 9 August of [...]

The Djiboutian opposition seeks a leader and some unity

Just five months away the legislative elections of February 2018, [...]

The conflict between Oromos and Somalis ratchets up a notch

The ceasefire signed in April (ION 1449) under the aegis [...]

A diplomatic clash brewing with Nairobi over a #?

According to documents seen by the Indian Ocean Newsletter, on [...]

Is the multi-party system under threat?

A new law on political parties is being drafted which [...]

Haibado and Djama Speed moving towards divorce

Although an official divorce between the health minister Djama Elmi [...]

Magufuli opts to go through the courts

According to our information, although Acacia Mining, formerly African Barrick [...]

Is KMH grooming Naguib to succeed IOG?

The presidential Issa/Mamassan clan is concerned about the power being [...]

Business circles

A purge of Ugandan finance may be imminent

Several international institutions have threatened to add Uganda to the list of states financing terrorism. [...]

The first Tigrayan company to come unstuck for corruption?

The current anti-corruption drive, which has until now spared the Tigrayans, claims its first major Tigrayan victim… [...]

Chipande's daughter cosies up to the banking elite

Might Joana Chipande, the daughter of Frelimo grandee Alberto Chipande, who is a close ally of President Filipe Nyusi, have [...]

DP World opts for Bosaso over Berbera

It is virtually game over for Bashe Awil Omar, Somaliland's representative in Dubai and the son-in-law of President Ahmed Mohamed [...]

An Asian company to ‘energise' the country?

A South Korean energy giant has made overtures to the Tanzanian government. Representatives from Hyundai Engineering & Construction recently alerted [...]

Revealed: the lawyers who advised Maputo on secret loans

A Kroll audit names the legal firms which advised the Mozambican government on restructuring the Ematum loan. [...]

Ex-president Moi rolls out the red carpet for Naushad Merali

In declining health, former president Daniel arap Moi recently struck [...]

Another Chinese company pursued for tax arrears…

After China Gold Minerals Resources (CGMR, ION 1456), it is [...]

The US calls for SPLM leaders' assets to be frozen

On 6 September, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) [...]

World Bank aid for the maize sector

Over the next two years, Societe financiere internationale (SFI, a [...]

Safran-Morpho denies being at fault in the election

Following the annulment of the presidential election organised by the [...]

Deutsche Bank put off by Indian tax treaty

The Mauritian subsidiary of Deutsche Bank has decided to halt [...]

Good times for Goodlife Pharmacy

The pharmacy and beauty product chain Goodlife Pharmacy is harbouring [...]

CR Aviation fills the Mozambican skies

Miguel Curado Ribeiro, the head of the airline CR Aviation, [...]

Heads roll at Standard Group

After showing the CEO of Standard Group, Sam Shollei, the [...]

An audit of Petra Diamonds to be presented shortly to parliament

Petra Diamonds, the company owned by Adonis Pouroulis which has [...]

Disillusionment for Volkswagen in Nairobi

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen has been obliged to revise [...]

Power brokers

Gemshu Beyene, on the run from justice?

Gemshu Beyene, the owner of the construction company Gemshu Beyene Construction (Gebecon) and co-owner of Elilly International Hotel, fled to [...]

Mahomed Salim Abdul Carimo Omar still successfully networking

The lawyer Mahomed Salim Abdul Carimo Omar, who is close to the ruling party Frelimo and already has commercial dealings [...]

Mohamed Bihi Yonis backs the president of the Assembly

After supporting the bid of Feysal Ali Warabe, the leader of the opposition party UCID, to become the sole candidate [...]

Mailhol, a guru with his sights set on the presidency

While the guru Andre Christian Dieudonne Mailhol's announcement that he will be running in the 2018 presidential election may have [...]

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