Spotlight IVORY COAST FRANCE 08/11/2017

Paris revives the Ivorian military training initiative

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor Francois Hollande, the French president Emmanuel Macron is intervening to shore up the Ivorian security apparatus to avoid any weakening of France's ‘strong position' south of the Sahara. Several senior officers have been [...]

Corridors of power

Ouattara and Bedie contradict each other over a united party

The president will not be standing for re-election himself, but he fully intends to have a say over his succession. Analysis. [...]

Ali Bongo takes a leaf out of his friend Faure's book

The revision of the constitution sought by the president mirrors the path taken by his Togolese counterpart. [...]


Heads roll at the rice producer Compagnie agricole de Saint-Louis

The founder and boss of the country's leading producer of rice has been stripped of his executive functions and is taking legal action in Paris. [...]


Touadera deploys his military diplomacy

Although prepared to dialogue with the armed groups, the president is not neglecting his own security and is sending his soldiers for training all around the world. [...]

The Soro-Bedie honeymoon

The political love-in between Guillaume Soro and Henri Konan Bedie, [...]


Ellison appalled by the Gnassingbe regime

In late October, the Togolese community in the US received [...]


Donald Trump's ambassadors take up their functions

In early November, the US Senate confirmed the appointment of [...]

Sarkozy, Ouattara's VIP emissary in Qatar

Alassane Ouattara has discreetly entrusted his friend Nicolas Sarkozy with [...]

Alassane Ouattara buries Houphouet a second time

The Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara has embarked on the construction [...]

President Roch Marc Christian Kabore kits himself out in Russia

Under pressure due to the tense security situation in the [...]

Business circles

Lucien Ebata's special mission to bail out the Congo Free

Parachuted in as a special adviser to the Congolese president on foreign funding (AEI 800 et WAN 759), Lucien Ebata [...]


Jobs on the line at Sebastien Ajavon's Brittany abattoir

Legal trouble combined with supply problems have prompted the Franco-Beninese businessman to seek the liquidation of one of his French companies. [...]

Nicolas Sarkozy, Ouattara's VIP emissary in Qatar

The former French president is set to lobby the Qataris to invest in Abidjan. [...]

The government plays the SEEG card

Libreville has exploited the settling of part of its debt to the Veolia subsidiary to mount a public relations offensive, but underlying problems persist. [...]

Court ruling to go against Bollore in Pointe-Noire? Free

On 9 November, the High Court in Pointe-Noire is due to hand down its ruling in the dispute between Pierre [...]

Anadarko downsizes

The American oil company Anadarko has decided to downsize its [...]

Miminvest consolidates its position

Teranga Gold Corp is tipped to win the tender for [...]

Abidjan blocks BGFI Capital's transaction

A transaction to raise funds of FCFA 80 billion (€121 [...]

Battle for the Ouaga-Yamoussoukro highway

Scheduled for March 2018 at the latest, the shortlisting of [...]

The happy beneficiaries of the army contracts

The defence minister recently awarded to a group of companies [...]


Alain Kouadio to build the new GLCI temple

The businessman Alain Kouadio, the CEO of the architecture and [...]

Herve Patrick Opiangah picks up the COMILOG contract

The boss of the newly created construction company Societe gabonaise [...]

Power brokers

Felix Abalo Kadanga, the enforcer of Faure Gnassingbe

Although ridiculed on opposition websites for having spelt the French word ‘paix' (peace) as ‘pays' (country) during a meeting with [...]

Hamed Bakayoko a VIP guest at Grand Lodge of England

On 30 October, the Ivorian defence minister and Grand Master of the Grande loge de Cote d'Ivoire (GLCI) Hamed Bakayoko, [...]

Francis Hubert Aubame in the vanguard of constitutional reform

The 61-year-old leader of the opposition party Parti souverainiste-ecologiste (PSE), Francis Hubert Aubame, will be one of the leading figures [...]

Francois Compaore to be judged in absentia?

Although he is at liberty after being briefly detained on 29 October in Paris (WAN 763), the legal difficulties of [...]

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