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Business Networks
ALGERIA 23/03/2017

Major turbulence ahead for Atlas Atlantique Airlines

A little over a year after making its first commercial flight, AAA has run into its first big zone of turbulence.

Business Networks
LIBYA 23/03/2017

National operator LTT tries to get back its stolen call time

Public sector telecommunications operators LTT and LITC filed a complaint with the federal judiciary in the United States.

Ruling Circles
MOROCCO 23/03/2017

Laila Ouachi rides high at Dakhla forum

Laila Ouachi played a leading role at the Dakhla summit.

Business Networks
TUNISIA 23/03/2017

Youssef Chahed to retry criminal prosecution in BFT case

The Banque Franco-Tunisienne comedy goes on!

Business Networks
MOROCCO 23/03/2017

OCP prepares cadmium offensive in Brussels

It is now the turn of phosphates giant OCP to mount an offensive in Brussels.

Business Networks
TUNISIA 23/03/2017

Said Jaouadi appointed chairman of Al Karama

According to our sources, finance minister Lamia Zribi has appointed Said Jaouadi as chairman of Al Karama.

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