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Business Networks
MOROCCO 25/05/2017

Spain’s Balearia wants to drop anchor in Al Hoceima

The demonstrations have not discouraged Balearia from seeking to establish itself in the city.

Business Networks
MOROCCO 25/05/2017

Rabat and Casablanca start bus "big bang"

Rabat and Casablanca are embarking on major reviews of their public transport systems.

Business Networks
LIBYA 25/05/2017

Sarraj’s Wintershall connection could prove to be dangerous

The Wintershall affair could turn out to be embarrassing for prime minister Fayez Sarraj!

Business Networks
TUNISIA 25/05/2017

How Chahed plans to build the Enfidha deep water port

Youssef Chahed’s staff are still looking at ways of financing the Enfidha deep water port.

Business Networks
ALGERIA 25/05/2017

Former FIS lawyer Brahim Taouti tries his hand at business law

Taouti has started a new business law venture!

Ruling Circles
LIBYA 25/05/2017

Africom wants to train a unified army

An alliance between Sarraj and Haftar remains the United States’ favourite outcome for the Libyan crisis.

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